Thinking of me

Proof of concept for Jude and Callum McIntyre's latest collaboration with filmmaker/director Johan T. Anderson. Coming in 2018.


Music: Jude Obermüller
Lyrics: Callum McIntyre
Director: Johan T. Anderson


Violin: Maria Gilicel
Viola: Natasha Michael
Cello: Sophie English
Guitars: Adam Chinery
Piano & Vocals: Jude Obermüller


Archie: Josh Salt
Jack: Ben Mulgrew
The Girl: Claire Ortúzar
The Boy: Michael Uselmann

Music recorded at Sylvia Young Theatre School, London, June 2015 by Simon Hanning. Mixed at Riverside Studios, New York, March 2016.

Lovingly dedicated to Ben Simpson 


Written as part of the Contemporary Music in Action series at the Royal College of Music, Clean! scrubs away the surface of Britain's cleanest television duo to reveal the grime that lies underneath...

TEAM FOR cma 2013 presentation

Libretto & Director Mark Nathan 
Music & Piano: Jude Obermüller
Quinn: Amy Tribe
Maggie: Rosemary Braddy