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ORIGINAL PRODUCTION: Tête à Tête Opera Festival & The Royal College of Music ⋮ The Britten Theatre, London

"In the wreckage they cried - splintered and frozen, as the dead sank down to the darkness beneath them… I remember the ship…" In a hospital bed in Canada, James is tangled up in his sheets, forever trying to save his son David from the dark water below… Who will save James from the demons of the deep? Can he ever escape the tolling bells of the Titanic? The truth is hidden somewhere between a dream and a memory…

Great Expectations artwork, I Remember the Ship opera - composed by Jude Obermüller, Tete a Tete Opera Festival.png

listen to a suite of the music from 'i remember the ship' below (VIOLIN: MICHAEL FOYLE / PIANO: JUDE OBERMüLLER). 

A Video of the opera is available to view upon request.


Composer: Jude Obermüller
Libretto: Genevieve Dawson
Director: Bill Bankes-Jones
Conductor: Gerry Cornelius
Designer: Ellan Parry
Vocal Coach: David Drummond
Rehearsal Pianist: Jo Ramadan
Photographer: Chris Christodoulou


James: Morgan Pearse
David: James Hall
Anna: Felicity Smith
Marie: Joanna Songi
The Nurse: Fiona Mackenzie
The Nurse (Understudy): Natalie Raybould


Clarinet: Adam Slater
Trumpet/Flugel: Peter Mankarious
Piano/Synth: Michael Foyle
Percussion I: Pete Handley
Percussion II: Steffan Ciccotti
Violin: Tim Wright
Cello: Lily Thornton

Opera magazine cover (2012) - I Remember the Ship, composed by Jude Obermüller.jpeg

Margaret Davies, Opera Magazine, July 2012

I remember the ship, a Titanic-inspired opera by Jude Obermüller set the tone for the evening…portraying true grief, love, loss, and poignant tragedy.
— Mel Spencer, Thoroughly Modern Milly